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Department of Applied Linguistics



The Department of Applied Linguistics was founded by Prof. Dr. habil. Zsolt Lengyel in 1993 (from October 2010 professor emeritus). Prof. Dr. Judit Navracsics has been Head of Department since 2009.

The Department is responsible for the Applied Linguistics MA program both in Hungarian and English, the Language Mentor specialization within the Hungarian BA and the Language and speech development teacher MA programs. Language learning, language acquisition and language use are governed partly by general linguistic, psychological and social aspects, and partly by language specific aspects. At the department, we try to explain and reveal these processes to our students with the help of psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics and neurolinguistics.

Besides teaching, the department is active in research, publishing and conference organisation. Our main research areas are:

  • first and second language acquisition
  • bi- and multilingualism
  • mental lexicon

The Summer School of Psycholinguistics international conference is organised annually by the Department, and the online Hungarian Journal of Applied Linguistics (an ERIH PLUS journal) is published here as well.

We support and pay special attention to the scientific work of our students and as a result, they participate regularly in local, national and international student conferences.

In 2002, we developed Pannon Language Exam in English and German and in 2009 we validated it according to the Common European Framework.

From spring 2016, our Multilingualism Doctoral School and the Applied Linguistics MA in English programs welcome students from all over the world with a wide range of courses taught by Hungarian and international professors.